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Mediclinics Speedflow

One of the fastest and most energy
efficient hand dryers in Australia.

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Mediclinics Dualflow

A High Speed Hand Dryer which
is eco-friendly, quiet and very stylish.

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Hand Dryer Specialists Air Towel Technologies have changed their name

But we haven't changed our Mediclinics Hand Dryers or our commitment to excellent service.

For Australia’s largest range of quality hand dryers, including two of the fastest and most eco-friendly hand dryers in the world, you’re still at the right place.

After more than a quarter of a century, providing market-leading hand dryers to Australian companies, Airtowel Technologies has done some reorganising - and renaming.

Airtowel Technologies is now Davidson Washroom. Our parent company, Davidson Imports, is consolidating all washroom products into this one new site, starting with the Airtowel Technologies hand dryers.

Air Towel: It’s always been about the hand dryers

Looking back, we are very proud of our history as Airtowel Technologies - and looking forward, we are excited about the future.

It’s always been about hand dryers; starting with the excellent Air Towel hand dryers, manufactured in New Zealand, and moving to the superb range of Mediclinics hand dryers, designed and manufactured in Europe.

Air Towel: Some hand dryer history

Airtowel Technologies initially grew out of a long-term commercial relationship with the manufacturers of the Air Towel hand dryers in New Zealand. Air Towel Technologies eventually became the local distributors for the Air Towel hand dryers, until they stopped manufacturing in the late nineties.

At this point, Air Towel Technologies focused on the range of high quality hand dryers from Mediclinics. Many of these hand dryers were re-branded for the local market. These brands included: Air Towel hand dryers, Air Towel Technologies hand dryers, Andom hand dryers (Andom was the original parent company) and, of course, Mediclinics hand dryers.

Davidson Washroom: It’s still about the hand dryers

With the largest range of high quality hand dryers in the country, including two of the fastest and most eco-friendly hand dryers in the world, we are definitely excited about the future.

Davidson Washroom is the sole distributor of Mediclinics hand dryers in Australia. The Mediclinics hand dryer range represents the very best of European design and manufacture. With class-leading features, competitive pricing and the best warranties in Australia, we plan to make sure you hear a lot more about Mediclinics Hand Dryers.

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